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Air Pollution
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Indian Tribunal Directs Pollution Control Boards To Ensure Compliance, Share Industrial Emissions Data Nationwide

In a powerful ruling that could increase transparency and thus, industry compliance, India’s National Green Tribunal has directed state and central pollution control boards to chart and openly share with the public detailed data from online continuous emissions/effluents monitoring systems...

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Can data prove to be the nemesis of India’s polluting industries?

Only if pollution boards can get industrial units to comply with a new tribunal order.

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Surprise: Govt Okays Re-Promulgation of Ordinance To Revive NCR Air Pollution Body

In an unexpected move, the Government of India has approved the re-promulgation of an ordinance to set up a statutory body to manage air quality in India’s polluted National Capital Region and adjoining areas of the Indo-Gangetic plain...

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India’s New Air Quality Commission Dissolved – Modi Government Fails Once More To Act On Air Pollution, Critics Say 

The unexpected – and unexplained – dissolution of India’s brand-new Commission on Air Quality Management (CAQM), established by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the peak of North India’s air pollution crisis five months ago has taken air pollution scientists and clean air advocates by surprise.


For India’s new Clean Air commission to succeed, it must have time-bound, measurable goals

Key to the panel’s effectiveness will be the person appointed to head it.


Air pollution will mean more Covid-19 deaths. The warning is loud and clear for India

The silver lining: the clear blue skies are telling us that it is time to grasp the opportunity to clean the air we breathe.


Supreme Court’s cracker order: It’s inclusive, national and pushes the government to take it forward

By holding the police station house officer responsible for violations, the court has put power back in the hands of vulnerable citizens.


Not Just a Committee – We Need the Whole Govt To Address Stubble-Burning

So this is what has come to – a complete breakdown in governance in the world’s largest democracy in the context of managing air pollution and its health harms. 


Claim That Delhi Air Pollution Has Fallen by 25% Needs to be Taken With a Pinch of Salt

Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal is doing what he knows best: spending taxpayer money taking out full-page ads in national newspapers to claim the air quality in Delhi has improved by 25% over the past four years and claiming credit for the improvement.


Ignoring Air Pollution Is Justice Denied

Every country that has cleaned up its polluted air has done so after reaching a tipping point.

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Wanted - A Clean Air Boss With Cabinet Rank To Tackle Pollution

Every country that has cleaned up its polluted air has done so after reaching a tipping point.


Budget for Clean Air Should Focus on Reducing Emissions at Source, Not Wasteful 'Solutions'

The Supreme Court’s order directing the central and Delhi state government to move quickly on installing smog towers in Delhi will lead to a waste of public money, say environmentalists and air pollution scientists.


The Urgency to Bring Down Pollution Levels in Delhi ‘Air’pocalypse

The airpocalypse is coming. Any day now.

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