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Image by Annie Spratt


I love...

new ideas, old brocades, Canandian ice wines, laughter, farmers markets, reading, Raaga Bhatiyaar, MoMA, dark chocolate, Indian classical music, Peets coffee, writing, Cantor art gallery, koodiyattam, NPR, intelligent people, Old World wines, Bhimsen Joshi, Whose Line is it Anyway, Fellini films, Guru Dutt films, Amodovar, Angoor, slow food, the New York Times, indigo dyes, old world jazz, reading, contemporary art, traditional weaves, George Saunders, sashimi, Phantom of the Opera, Miles Davis, carbon credits, Audrey Hepburn, Yes Minister, Rabindra-sangeet, Nina Paley, eco-cool ideas, Picasso, sustainable living, intelligent people, Manik Varma, Palo Alto, samosas and chaat, yoga, beaches, San Francisco, laughter, KDFC, organic food, Gregory Peck, green tea, the south of France (as a concept), ayurveda, Gaudi, Goa, reading, spas, Ted talks, health and wellness, creative thinkers, board games, hot chocolate, mellow evenings with friends, Barcelona,  monsoon rains through a window, Californian sunshine, mangoes, libraries, reading, ginger lemongrass tea, meditation, intense one-on-one conversations with friends, observing and working with young adults, ylang ylang and lavender, learning about the power of gratitude, faith and giving back, my own, special book club, Laurie Santos's Happiness Lab, trying to low-gear and learning to laze...and just, learning....

Image by Annie Spratt
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