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How To Apply India’s Ancient Wisdom & Healing Science Authentically In A Contemporary Setting


India Ink - An Art Event Incorporates Itself in the Spaces of New Delhi

On a bright, crisp February afternoon, I hadn’t exactly planned to sit in a hall full of strangers listening to intense conversations on death and dying — and in the process, becoming part of a discursive installation by a German artist in India’s capital city...

Image by Erik Mclean

Livemint - California's New Car Culture

Living as I do in the heart of Silicon Valley, I continue to marvel every day at the innovations that are just so naturally part of people’s lives here, especially when it comes to commuting.

Image by Matthew Peters

Livemint - Reality Catches Up in the Bay Area

Conversations are now about rising prices and falling incomes, says this letter from California

Image by Rob Sarmiento

The Chai Latte Series
from the Archives

Conversations that transcend geographic boundaries over chai. Read 18 articles on the first version of Jyoti's website....

Articles from India Ink, Chai Latte and Livemint
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