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'Breathing here is injurious to your health' book review: Confronting the silent scourge

Hardly anyone seems to care about the slow poisoning of an entire population, but the author of this compelling work does.

- Rajat Chaudhuri

Novelist, short story writer and book critic

India’s air pollution crisis should concern us all, whether you live in India or not. This is where our planet is heading. Jyoti’s book, reviewed by Amitav Ghosh below, analyzes where we are heading if we don’t take action to protect ourselves, our families & our earth.

- Maria Abi-Habib

 Incoming Mexico, Central America & Caribbean bureau chief for NYTimes


Breathing Here Is Injurious To Your Health," a new book from @CareForAirIndia founder Jyoti Pande Lavakare, traces what happened to so many in Delhi, as it became clear that living there was persistently, pervasively threatening


- Ellen Barry

NYT, Former Delhi and Moscow Bureau Chief

A must read personal account of the toll air pollution is taking on our lives, by @CareForAirIndia

founder Jyoti Pande Lavakare.


- Dr. Mukund Rajan

“Breathing Here is Injurious to Your Health” is all that and more. It’s a passionate, knowledgeable treatise, full of energy and action. Yet it is also a story of many humans deeply affected by the toxic fumes that refuse to go away.


- Laveesh Bhandari

Director, Indicus Foundation

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